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Health care is predicted to continue to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This growth reflects the demand for health care workers to address the needs of an aging population. As a result, rewarding career opportunities will continue to be available in multiple health care settings.

The recruitment and educational preparation of Middle School and High School students is necessary in creating the workforce that will be needed to provide future services.

What students are saying about the PA AHEC SEARCH Academy

"I learned suturing which was quite fascinating."

"I learned the difference between a Physician's Assistant and Nurse Practitioner."

"I learned that I should shadow in many areas of the medical field to decide which career I definitely want to go into."

"I learned that it would be better to major in chemistry or biology instead of pre-medicine to keep my options open in the future."

"I learned a lot about the pathways to dentistry fields and the day to day expectations of it. "

"I did not know about the wide range of specialties! I want to look into becoming a pediatric dentist."

"There are so many different parts to being a dentist not just cleaning teeth."

"I really enjoyed the concussion video and the small group discussion with the instructors as my instructor was very engaging and it was nice to converse with a small group."

" I learned that there are different types of concussions."

Our Health Careers Pipeline Program promotes awareness and exploration of job opportunities for Health Careers Clubs. We work with teachers and faculty to offer education and training opportunities for students to select topics most important for entrance into advanced education programs upon graduation from High School. In addition, the program provides supplemental resources to assist the clubs in fostering students' interest in learning more about healthcare career options available to them.

Students can apply for a discounted rate to take a year-long self-paced Princeton Review course for SAT or ACT. Normally, this costs $299, but AHEC has a collaboration with Princeton Review to offer this to students for $60. Completing this self-paced program puts you in a better place for higher SAT or ACT test scores for your goal to enter college or universities.

If you feel you might qualify for a scholarship based on "disadvantaged" status, please reach out to Debra Youngfelt.

Click here to apply for this unique opportunity!

SAT/ACT Self-Paced Program Course Content

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) is one of the nation's leading student aid organizations and national provider of student financial aid services, serving millions of students and thousands of schools through its loan guaranty, loan servicing, financial aid processing, outreach, and other student aid programs.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is a form to apply for financial aid for college or graduate school.

Our AHEC Centers offer additional enrichment activities throughout the year to further assist middle school and high school students in learning about the career opportunities available to them in the healthcare field. We participate in Open Houses, Orientation, Career Days or as a Guest Speaker for health-related classes.

Students interested in health careers can gain a great deal by having the chance to hear and speak with individuals currently employed in a medical profession and those instructors whose academic programs lead to medical professions. Through our strategic partnerships, we have partnered with area Physicians, Educators, and other Healthcare-related Professionals throughout the regions we serve. Through our Health Careers Program, speakers can be arranged to present at club meetings and/or special events on a variety of topics.

For more information about scheduling any of the following events for your school, please contact us.

Community Outreach:

Our Centers provide educational resources and information on a variety of health-related topics to help students pursue their interest in a health career by participating as a Guest Speaker at youth events and Summer camps.

The Eastcentral and Northeast PA Area Health Education Centers enjoy working with schools in our regions and love to hear about what is going on in your school. If you would like to share information about your Health Careers Club or Program, please email us at info@ecneahec.org.

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